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Top 5 Best Pool Pump Reviews On The Market


This pump is fitted with two drain valves (a top drain and a normal side valve), all which can be used to drain away any standing water depending on the situation. The submersible pool cover pump is capable of removing up to 1200 GPH once it is turned on. Its versatility helps pool owners to remove standing water from any location other than the pool cover.

3. WAYNE 1/4 HP Pool Cover Pump

It is also an automatic pump that requires about two inches of water height to turn on automatically. Depending on the volume of water, it is capable of pumping up to 3000 GPH, and the pump turns off when water levels reach below 3/4 of an inch. This pump also comes with anti-freeze technology so that it works even during the cold seasons.

4. Rule Submersible Pump

This automatic pool cover pump turns on automatically provided there is an inch of standing water on the pool cover. It then turns off once the level of water has gone down significantly. The pump is powered by a silent motor that runs with minimal vibrations. What’s more, the pump is made of corrosion-proof thermoplastic material to prevent degradation.

5. Little Giant Submersible Pool Cover Pump

Everything you need to remove any standing water on your pool cover comes with this pump. It is fitted with a drain elbow to cater for tight spots. In most cases, the drain valve fits into most garden hoses for smooth operation. This pump is capable of working even when submerged underwater and can remove water at the rate of 170 GPH.

Pool cover pumps are essential for removing any standing water on your pool cover. Most of them are automatic and therefore pump standing water when it reaches a certain level. Ultimately, the best pool cover pump is one that is capable of pumping up to 3000 GPH.

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