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Pool Pump Reviews; Best, Quietest, Variable-Speed, Prices & More

The Best Pool Pump To Buy

Pumps Away Pool Cover Pump

This pump runs on a 1.4 HP motor that provides all the power required in pumping away any standing water on the pool cover. Its construction features a 7-inch base that helps keep the pump stable while in operation. The pump has the capability of pumping standing water at the rate of 800 GPH, and its 25-foot power cord makes it possible to reach and drain all the water on the pool cover.

3. Fibropool Electric Drain Pool Cover Pump

This pool can be used for both above ground and inground pools. Regardless of the application, it pumps water at the rate of 600 GPH. The pump also comes with a 16-foot drainage hose, so you don’t have to connect your garden hose to the pump. The light weight of this pump also means that no damage can occur to the pool cover.

4. Blue Wave Dredger Jr. Pool Cover Pump

It is a fully submersible pool cover pump that is best suited for above ground pool covers. It is manually operated and therefore has to be turned on and off for each time you wish to remove standing water. This pump is capable of pumping up to 350 GPH, with its 25-foot power providing maximum space to work with. The pump also comes with a garden hose adapter to solve any compatibility issues. Its filter is also reusable since it only needs regular cleaning and then plugging back.

5. Superior Thermoplastic Submersible Pump

This pump is conspicuous due to its thermoplastic construction, which prevents corrosion, therefore, keeping its parts safe from wear and tear. This construction guarantees pump operation for up to four years. The 1/4 HP motor of this pump allows it to pump standing water as low as 1/8 of an inch deep. Since it is submersible, it has the capability of pumping water up to 25 feet vertically. In terms of work rate, this pump can pump up to 30 GPM.

Pool cover pumps help with the removal of water on the pool cover, especially during the rainy season. It is important to choose a pool cover pump that has a significantly high GPH rate and one which is constructed using corrosion-free materials. Learn more at

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