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Blue Waters Top 10 Best Pool Pump Reviews & Guide

Pool owners reckon that too much water on the pool cover can be problematic. However, a pool cover pump comes in handy to ensure that standing water poses no threat to the pool cover. These pumps are designed in a way to ensure that any standing water is pumped off the pool cover. If you find it hectic removing standing water off your pool cover, the only option for you is to invest in the best pump to help you deal with this menace. You can decide on picking an automatic one, one that turns on automatically once the water reaches a certain level or pick a manual one, which you have control over.

Here are top brands of pool cover pumps you could use to eliminate any standing water on your swimming pool cover:

Little Giant Automatic Pool Cover Pump

A float switch is used to activate this little pump. When the water gets to a high level, the pump turns on by itself and drains the water. Its drain valve is compatible with the regular garden hose, and its built-in handle makes it comfortable to move around. The pump is auto-activated by water about 2 inches. What’s more, the electric power to the pump is delivered by a 25-foot power cord, meaning that the pump can be placed anywhere far from the power source. This brand of pool cover pump is likable since it is capable of removing 1700 GPH once it is turned on. For more information visit us at

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