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  • 5 Best Pool Cover Pumps For Pool Owners

    Rainy seasons are tough for swimming pool owners since they bring forth the unexpected chores of removing pool cover. The accumulation of water on a pool cover can lead to the damage of the cover and can be avoided by regularly removing any standing water. Pool owners can remove this water using a manual or automatic pump. Most pool owners prefer the latter since it turns on automatically once the water reaches a certain height, therefore preventing the accumulation of water beyond safe levels.

  • F&S LIFE Pool Cover Pump

    When choosing the best pool cover pump, it is essential to check the volume of water it can remove per hour as well as its mechanical construction. Below are the five best pool cover pumps for pool owners:


    This automatic pool cover pump is capable of pumping water at a rate of 850 GPH. It is also designed to work perfectly on both inground and above ground pool covers. Its 16-inch drainage hose comes together with the pump to solve compatibility issues. What’s more, the manufacturers of this pump offer a one-year warranty to protect your investment. Learn more at https://bluewaterspoolservices.com/best-pool-cover-pumps/

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    WAYNE WaterBUG Pump This pump is fitted with two drain valves (a top drain and a normal side valve), all which can be used to drain away any standing water depending on the situation. The submersible pool cover pump is capable of removing up to 1200 GPH once it is turned on. Its versatility helps...
    Pool owners reckon that too much water on the pool cover can be problematic. However, a pool cover pump comes in handy to ensure that standing water poses no threat to the pool cover. These pumps are designed in a way to ensure that any standing water is pumped off the pool cover. If you find it...
    Pumps Away Pool Cover Pump This pump runs on a 1.4 HP motor that provides all the power required in pumping away any standing water on the pool cover. Its construction features a 7-inch base that helps keep the pump stable while in operation. The pump has the capability of pumping standing water...

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